First Lutheran Early Education Center (EEC) provides families with an excellent morning
preschool program as well as full day child care for children age 6 weeks to 5 years in two
locations in the South Bay. Our programs have been recognized as truly excellent settings
for education, caring and growth for kids!

We accept infants as young as 6 weeks old. Our infants and one year olds are lovingly cared
for by dedicated teachers and part-time assistants with a ratio of one teacher for every
3-4 children, from 7:00am to 6:00pm.
Our program is designed to meet the varying needs of the inquisitive infant and the very busy
toddler. The program is a balance between active and quiet experiences. As well as taking care
of the child's basic needs, we make sure each child is held, loved and talked to, involved in
activities that stimulate the senses, and given help to do more things on his/her own. Daily walks
are taken in our 4-seater buggy, and outside time is enjoyed by each child on our special
baby-proof play yard. We read, sing, dance, and experience new materials every day through
hands-on play. Parents supply all food, diapers and formula for their children. 

Our Sea Stars and Leap Frogs rooms are for older toddlers who are ready for a new environment.
Once children are very comfortable walking and become much more active and interested in the
world around them, they need a little more structure and fun activities planned for them.
These rooms are staffed with 2-3 teachers skilled in this age group that lovingly take care of the
8-10 children in their charge each day. Sensory experiences, art exploration, and large and small
motor activities are planned throughout the week to provide your toddler with a wide variety of
learning experiences. Daily walks in our 6-seater buggy or with our walking rope give children a
chance to discover the plants, birds and animals in our small neighborhood.

Potty training is worked on in conjunction with the parents when the child shows signs of
readiness. Parents supply lunch and diapers for their children. The center provides 2 snacks
a day and milk at lunchtime.
These classes are for older two year olds that will not turn three by September 1. This age
needs developmental care that helps children develop both their minds and bodies in a safe and
healthy environment.  We help them learn to get along with others and to care for themselves.
Our teachers will assist you in toilet training your child if needed.
Older two year olds and young three year olds continue to develop their skills in thinking and talking.
Language development is focused on, as the child learns to "use his/her words." Our special
caregivers will help the young preschooler form good attitudes and make gains in social and
thinking skills. A goal throughout the year is to help each child to become independent through
teaching self-help skills. Creativity is emphasized through a wide variety of hands-on
sensory experiences that are offered each day.
This program offers a small group size and two to three teachers per class. Chapel time is a part
of our morning routine. This is a special time to sit in the classroom or the church sanctuary and listen
to Bible stories and learn of God's love. 

This program is offered to children who are 3 or 4 years old by September 1st. If your child is
not completely toilet-trained yet, the teachers will work with you on completing the process.
A developmentally-based program with planned experiences is designed to meet each child's needs.
Independence, problem-solving, creativity, and social skills are all focused on during the year.
Emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual growth are all included. 
Our Kindermusik teacher provides music classes weekly, with the monthly fee included in your tuition. Optional programs
on both campuses could include Dance, Gymnastics, Soccer, Computer or Spanish. 
Chapel time daily is a special time to sit in the church sanctuary or the classroom and listen to Bible stories and learn
of God's love.
The program offers a low student to teacher ratio--
  • On our Carson Street campus, our two 3-4 year old classes each have 13 children with two teachers, and both 4-5 year old classes each have 16 children with 2 teachers. 
  • On our St. Mark's campus, both our 3-4 year old class and our 4-5 year old class have up to 13 children with 2 teachers in each room.