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History and Mission

The Mission of First Lutheran Early Education Center is to introduce children and their families to the love of Christ through quality educational play in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment.

First Lutheran opened its doors to preschool children in the fall of 1973. Infant, Toddler and Two year old classes were added in 1995, meeting the needs of the young families in the community.
Over 90 families are supported each year in their child-raising by our dedicated teachers and support staff.  We consider it a privilege to help each child grow and develop the gifts and talents that God has given each little one.


Our program here at First Lutheran Early Education Center offers your child a loving and stimulating Christian environment that is developmentally appropriate for his/her skill level.  We want you, the parent, to feel comfortable and confident about leaving your child in our care, knowing we will keep them safe and offer opportunities  for your child to grow and mature while exploring God’s world.
The center will provide experiences that will aid in the development of your child’s potential and positive self-worth, while recognizing each child’s individual needs.
When children are introduced to God at an early age and become familiar with God's Word through hearing stories from Bible stories, their faith grows and develops just as they grow physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. As a ministry of First Lutheran Church, the EEC makes sure that each day your child learns about God and His love for each one of us.  Our preschoolers (age 2 and up) participate in a 15 minute chapel time daily - 3 days a week in their classroom, and two days a week in the sanctuary with one of the pastoral staff leading chapel.  A different Bible story is focused on each week, and Sunday School songs are enthusiastically sung.  We pray before we eat.  And we focus on teaching children Christian values and morals as they learn how to interact with each other. 
Our little infants and toddlers experience God's love in the loving hands and words of their teachers. Simple Bible stories are read, and they are introduced to singing God's praises, and praying. 
Licensed through the State of California
Facility numbers 191601858, 191609990, 197417943, and 197412645