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Early Education Home

Star Dreams Dance and Gymnastic Classes (optional enrichment class)
Date: 6/25/2018, 9:30 AM 11 AM
EEC Chapel at St. Mark's campus

Date: 6/26/2018, 11:30 AM 11:45 AM
Spanish Immersion Class (optional enrichment class)
Date: 6/27/2018, 10 AM 10:45 AM
EEC Chapel in Sanctuary
Date: 6/27/2018, 11:15 AM 11:30 AM
Angel Choir (optional)
Date: 6/28/2018, 3:30 AM 4 PM

Parent Teacher Conferences

Let's use this time to come together as a team to focus on your child's development. Each class has one day set aside to meet. Click to see the schedule.

Dramatic Play -Why do we promote it?

"Imagination is the primary tool we use across the lifespan to penetrate the mysteries of our world," writes Teresa Walton-Helm in her article, "Imaginary Soup, Homemade Books, and Tattered Blankets: Creative Thinking in Early Childhood." Take a minute to read a short paragraph that beautifully describes what children are learning when they participate in dramatic play - they learn more than you think!

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