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What is Christianity?
Who is Jesus Christ? What do his teachings mean? Get the fundamentals on Christianity.
What are Lutherans?
The Lutheran Church has its roots in the Reformation of the 16th Century, when German professor and pastor Martin Luther sought to restore basic biblical teaching to the medieval church. Today’s Lutheran Church numbers over 63 million people on every continent. Lutherans are leaders in the search for ecumenical unity, seeking fellowship with all other Christian bodies, and striving to practice radical welcome in the service of the Gospel of God’s amazing grace.   In obedience to the Gospel of Christ, we welcome all people to full participation in worship, learning, community and service. We are eager to experience and share the Good News of God's love in Christ Jesus.
How We Worship?
Worship is at the heart of how Lutherans understand themselves. Learn more about how we worship.
What is the Cross?
The Cross is one of the most prolific of human symbols.  The Cross has come to mean many things to people, It adorns bodies as jewelry, graces maps and markers, and has appeared on flags and banners throughout history. For Christians, it has become the core symbol of our Faith.
What the Cross meant for the people standing at its foot on that Good Friday land what it might mean for us today allows us to see the many facets of the Cross.  Even as Christ once asked his followers, “Who do you say that I am?”, we might well ask, “What does His Cross mean for you?” Join us each week for a time of gathering and fellowship, worship and reflection, and transformation in the calling to lift high the Cross of Christ and follow in lives of faith.